Best Pest Control Dublin Experts Explain How to Keep A Check on Ants

Does it make you nervous when you notice the bite marks of ants left on the skin of your toddler? Does it annoy you? Do you often run into these pesky insects in your backyard? Do you notice an ant trail entering your house through the kitchen? While they are important to humanity, ants can cause a lot of trouble if they enter your property. Fortunately, you can get rid of them with the support of the best pest control Dublin.

Extermination using bait

Of course, before the pest control specialists arrive at your premises, you can do a couple of things to reduce their numbers. When you run into one ant, you simply feel like killing it. Even if you do, you should never forget that there are probably thousands hiding inside your house. The ones you see are out and about in search of food for the colony. You can use these scouts to draw out the entire colony. Just leave something sugary or oily somewhere in the kitchen. If they appear for a feast, you should resort to a DIY approach to kill the ants.

Erasing traces

If you notice one ant, you can be certain that there are thousands more. Usually, when one ant takes a specific path to go somewhere, it leaves a scented trace for its brethren to follow. You can sweep or mop the surface as much as you want, but these tactics won’t be able to eliminate the smell. Instead, providers of pest control services Dublin suggest creating a mixture of vinegar and water. You should store it in a spray bottle and use it in the areas where you see ants entering your house.

Wiping them out

As soon as you set out toxic ant bait, you’ll notice hundreds of those critters. It’s a worthwhile sign as it means more of those insects will take the poisoned bait back to the colony. According to the experts of the best pest control Dublin, liquid baits work better than everything else. However, if you still notice them scuttling around inside the house after a week or two, just replace the containers in which you keep the bait.

Final words

Well, these are just a few at-home ant-control remedies. They should do the trick, but if you’ve got a massive army to deal with, you should contact professional pest exterminators.